What is Open Haven?

Open Haven is a registered charity that provides a safe and confidential place for women who are survivors of domestic violence abuse.  We provide emotional and practical support, as well as help women to understand, navigate, and access all available professional services. 

This is a free and ongoing service.

Upcoming Meetings
Open House
Tuesdays 9:30am - 11:30 am

A safe and secure support group for women who are survivors of domestic violence abuse.

Our Services

Open House Mornings

Our support is delivered through an open house every Tuesday morning. We offer women company, a listening ear and provide a personalised plan to help them understand and access all the services that are available to them.

Support Services

At Open Haven, our desire is to connect you with all the right support for your individual needs.  We have access to many professional support networks and are always available to help you navigate them if you have any difficulties. 

Child Care

If you need to bring your child or children with you, know that they are in safe hands. Our volunteers hold Blue Cards and have completed Child Safe training.  The children will stay in the same building as you and can be within your sight if necessary.

How We Help

"Open Haven assisted and supported me by providing consistent and informative information to leave a house of violence with my three kids."