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Events For A Cause

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We are currently seeking dinner party hosts to hold an "Event with a Purpose" to raise funds for Open Haven. Our goal is to have 50 hosts to help raise $50k for 2024/2025

Register your party today. It can be a special event such as a birthday celebration or just an excuse to get together with friends and be giving to those in need.

Host a Party!

Raise much needed money for Open Haven and have fun too!

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How Does My Giving Table Work?

  • Step 1 -Hosts simply register a date and time for their dinner party, cocktail party, lunch or social event. Hosts nominate a ticket price (which is paid by those attending their event) and the recipient charity (the charity who will receive the funds raised from their event). They also can pick a theme and decide on what they will cook.

  • Step 2 - My Giving Table set up a unique landing page for the event. The page has all the general information about the event. It is an easy invite link to share with invited friends and outlines the time and the charity and how awesome the host is for hosting the event. Personal details such as the address are not shared on the page, those personal details are sent only to those guests who have RSVP'd and paid to attend. Guests receive this information as an email with any personal information from the host, such as what to bring and the theme, after they RSVP.

  • Step 3 - Hosts share that link with friends and let them know about their event. The link can be shared as a text message, an email or on messenger to friends. There can also be an event specific QR code in case hosts wish to share in print.

  • Step 4 - Guests click on the link to RSVP and pay to attend. They then receive a confirmation receipt email, followed by a full welcome email with all the details.

  • Step 5 - Guests then show up at the hosts fabulous event with purpose and have a great time together knowing their event is giving not just to themselves but also to others in need.

    Visit My Giving Table Website


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