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You can make a difference

Why Become an OH Angel?


Our vision is to create an army of Angels who are the boots on the ground in our community to help fundraise, promote, connect us with key contacts, volunteer and bring people to our events.


We also need a  strong flow of management resources within the team to help us with organising the aspects of fundraising, events and making key connections to further our mission to help support survivors of domestic violence in SE Queensland.

Who’s an Ideal OH Angel?

  • They have capacity to dedicate time to the cause

  • They can work with a team or be proactive on their own when managing a project

  • Have a great circle of friends, family and distinguished connections that can help with sponsorships, fundraising, raffle prizes or resources we could use for running the organisation and  client support

  • Can bring 2+ more people to our events

  • Is a great communicator and able to get people behind a cause and spread awareness

  • Is active on social media, willing to share our posts, forward our event invites and help with fundraising online.

If you would like to become an OH Angel

Please email:

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