Open Haven was established in 2015, with a vision to empower women who are survivors of domestic violence. 

Our dream is to support these vulnerable women, so that they can become self sufficient, re-established themselves into the community, and finally, come full circle to empower other women who have found themselves in similar situations.

When professional support is required, our job is to direct each woman to the appropriate services. Often, women in these situations aren't even aware of what is available to them. Sometimes when they are aware, they have no access or are intimidated by the process. We have a growing network of organisations and individuals who are there to help. 

What makes Open Haven unique, is that we do not assist only at the point of crisis to fill a specific need. There are many organisations that do that already. For example, if a woman is placed in a shelter, the shelter will work with her temporarily to find accommodation. However, once she moves on, their relationship with her naturally ceases. They are there for that specific purpose, which is wonderful.

Here at Open Haven, we extend an open invitation to women for as long or as short as they need. If they have had their immediate needs met, but still desire encouragement or friendship, we are there for them. 

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